Shabbat Morning Services

Every Shabbat morning we offer numerous opportunities to engage in soulful prayer. Choices include our traditional Shabbat morning service, where we often celebrate a B’nai Mitzvah, or an alternative service such as our Sacred Space and Neshama Minyans geared for those interested in a more intimate setting.

Shabbat Morning Service/Rebbe’s Tish/Kiddush Luncheon

(9:15 A.M.)

Shabbat Morning services begin at 9:15 a.m. and end at noon. We are an egalitarian congregation; both men and women participate fully in all aspects of this service. It is an upbeat service highlighted by a congregational discussion of the weekly Torah reading, led by the Rabbi. Visitors comment on the haimish (friendly) feeling of this Shabbat morning experience. Following services, the entire congregation is invited to our Kiddush luncheon. There is also the Rebbe’s Tish (Rabbi’s table) where we invite the community to sing Shabbat songs, study Torah, and savor the restful beauty of the day.

Sacred Space Minyan

(1st Saturday of the Month – 11:00 A.M.)

This moving service is the place to bring your personal hopes, concerns and prayers. Through music and silent reflection, Jewish ritual and learning, you can deepen your connection to God. Whether you or someone you love is in need of physical or spiritual support, this special service will bring you comfort, serenity and greater peace of mind.

Neshama Minyan

(2nd Saturday of the Month when there is a B’nai Mitzvah – 9:45 A.M.)

Casual…Intimate…Alternative. Join us as we share our voices in a vibrant Shabbat Morning Service in which we celebrate the beauty of Shabbat, connection with community, and the joy of sharing our voices in song.

Shabbat Club

(2nd and 4th Shabbat of the Month – 10:00 A.M.)

Age-appropriate Shabbat programming for children to experience the spiritual, moral and ethical principles of Judaism through Shabbat activities. In addition to sharing Shabbat with friends, children are exposed to value based activities (mensch making), Torah study, prayer and song.

Torah Study


Once a month, we invite you to come learn with some of the best Torah scholars in the country. You will have an opportunity to engage in text study and deep discussion on the Torah portion for the week or on important and relevant issues of our day.