The Next Chapter

GroupTNC-FinalLogo-horiz-forwebYou miss them. You’ve spent the last two-plus decades juggling your life around theirs.  Perhaps you’ve left their rooms just as is, a shrine of all their accomplishments, and all your kvelling, for when they return. Or maybe it’s become your new office, guest room, or that extended wardrobe closet you always wished for.  And the umbilical cord that kept them so close for so many years is now stretched to couple of blocks, a few hours or perhaps it’s now cross-country! 

For some of us we are still continuing to climb the corporate ladder while others are beginning to slow down and discuss retirement. But what we all share in common is the availability of time — a lot of it, to find new hobbies, leisure activities, volunteer opportunities and the time to enjoy friends just like us, ready to enjoy THE NEXT CHAPTER.

Group TNC: The Next Chapter, a new group at Temple Aliyah, is designed to provide a social, spiritual, insightful and philanthropic experience for parents with Jewish children ages 18-30. We seek the involvement of adults in our Jewish community who are charting their course through this next life chapter and want to share it with others on the same journey. Let’s enjoy the ride together by having fun socials, gathering new insights, giving back to the community and observing our beautiful traditions together.  

Save the date for our first event!

Wine Tasting on May 24th at 7:30pm