Giving to Temple Aliyah

Temple Aliyah: Building Memories — Past, Present, and Future

There are many ways to pay tribute to people and events of major significance in your life – or just to help support the synagogue. What better way can there be to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or to commemorate a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Any gift you wish to make is gladly accepted. Because no congregation can exist on the membership dues alone, a variety of specific programs have been established, all of which help support the synagogue and its many activities.

EveryONE Annual Campaign

The EveryONE Annual Campaign is a fundraising movement conducted each year to raise funds to bridge the gap between dues, tuition and fees and the full cost to run a preschool and synagogue. The EveryONE Annual Campaign underwrites regular, ongoing and unexpected expenses and is vital to reaching our budgetary goals that directly impact our ability to serve our community and offer innovative programs and services. It is not the amount that you are able to give that matters but rather your participation in the Campaign. As this is a campaign where every member and every gift matter, we seek 100% participation from our member families. Click to to learn more and contribute to the EveryONE Annual Campaign.

Charitable Contributions

Monetary gifts for general support or for a particular program can be made in the form of cash, checks, bank transfers or charges to credit cards.

Tribute Cards

The Synagogue will send cards in your name (postage included) to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, key lifecycle events, get well messages and bereavement cards. Torah Fund contributions are made through the Women of Aliyah.

Garden of Aliyah

Where memories grow on trees: On the West wall of the sanctuary, you’ll see a beautiful “garden” of trees in gold, silver and bronze tones. Each leaf preserves a special moment in the life of one of our congregants. Some commemorate B’nai Mitzvah, anniversaries or birthdays; some give thanks for recovery from illness; some just celebrate life. Also available are garden stones and tree trunks, each of which bears a special message from its donor.


Every Jewish family should be able to join and participate in synagogue life. Every Jewish child deserves a Jewish education. The Tzadikim program provides scholarships and financial assistance for members in need. Tzadikim are honored at special events during the year.

Employee Matching Program

Many companies have a philanthropic program in place that matches, in whole or in part, gifts given by employees to the non-profit tax-exempt organization of the employee’s choice. The human resources department of your company can advise you if this program exists and if so, of the criteria and requirements.

Fundraising Events

Temple Aliyah hosts various fundraising events annually. These events are a great success each year due to the enthusiastic support of our members.

Planned Giving

Yerusha – “That which is given from one generation to another.”

This is the simplest way to explain the true essence of planned gifts. We plan our lives each day. We plan our religious and family celebrations. We plan for our children’s education. We plan for our retirement. We even plan for our eventual passing. And sometimes, in the process of all this planning, we discover ways to do all these things, and benefit ourselves as well as our future generations.

Bequests, gift of insurance, gifts of real estate, stocks and securities, and gifts that provide lifetime income (charitable gift annuities) can provide significant future resources to Temple Aliyah while providing you with income, tax and personal benefits, and reducing estate and gift taxes.

You may gain some or all of these benefits:

  • The satisfaction of making a significant gift to Temple Aliyah during your lifetime
  • Lifetime income for yourself or others, with the possibility of an improved yield on your assets
  • An immediate income tax charitable deduction yielding current tax savings
  • Freedom from capital gains tax when using long-term, appreciated property to make a gift
  • The ability to defer income to a later date, such as retirement
  • Reduction of the size of your taxable estate

All those who have made Temple Aliyah a part of their estate plan or have create a planned gift with Temple Aliyah become members of our legacy society. For further information please contact the office at 818-346-3545.

Please Note: Temple Aliyah is not engaged in rendering legal or tax advisory services and that advice from legal counsel, such as an attorney or other professional advisor, should be sought when considering these types of gifts. Temple Aliyah will be happy to work with your advisor to ensure that your gift will have the greatest possible impact in your support of Temple Aliyah.

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