Sukkah Slam Rules

Temple Aliyah Sukkah Slam

Sukkah Building Rules

  1. It may be built by an individual or a group.
  2. It must be a temporary dwelling, but not an RV, travel trailer, or a tent
  3. It must be constructed before Monday, Sept. 28.
  4. You must be a member of Temple Aliyah
  5. It must have at least 3 walls and a roof. The third wall need not be complete.
  6. It must be large enough for its tallest builder/owner to lay down in (in either direction) and tall enough for him/her to stand in.
  7. The roof must be made of non-edible plant material. The roofing material must not be bundled together. The roofing must be thick enough to shade those sitting inside in daytime, and thin enough so that stars are [theoretically] visible through the roof at night.
  8. It must be safe (not so wobbly that it might fall on someone)

Posters (22X28) with picture/s (including name of Sukkah and name of contact person) must be submitted to Sarah Hartnig, Youth Director no later than Sept. 28, 5:00PM

Judging will take place at the Sukkot Family Celebration on Wednesday, Sept. 30

Categories will be judged on the following:


  • Most Eco-Friendly
  • Best First-Time Sukkah (must indicate on poster first time Sukkah)
  • Best Non-Traditional Sukkah
  • Sukkah of the Year
  • Most Creative Design



Poster will be displayed at Temple Aliyah

Winners will be featured in the November Voice.

Questions? Contact Sarah Hartnig at (818) 346-3596

  • Woolsey Fire Update

    Woolsey Fire Update (11/16/18, 1:15pm):
    Temple Aliyah is OPEN! Services, ECE and SCJLL classes will proceed as usual.

    Emergency Housing
    If you are still out of your home and need a place to stay, we have dozens of members still offering shelter.

    If you are in need of a home to go to please email akraus@templealiyah.org or call (757)716-8184 at any point.

    Click here for more information and support for evacuees.
  • Calendar of Events

  • Shabbat & Holiday Services

    Friday, November 16, 2018

    • 8:00 PM - Every Third Shabbat: African

    Saturday, November 17, 2018

    • 9:15 AM - Shabbat Morning Service
    • Aufruf of Ellen Fleishman & Marc Silvers
    • 1:00 PM - Poetry in Motion with Rabbi Peretz

    Sunday, November 18, 2018

    • 9:00 AM - Tallit & Tefillin Minyan
  • Parasha & Candle Lighting