The Temple Aliyah Youth Chapter’s KADIMA, JR USY and SR USY groups offer a wonderful leadership opportunity by being peer-elected to hold office as a Board Member for one (1) school year.  Elections occur in May for the positions to be upheld during the following Fall through the Spring school year.

The elected Board members have the responsibility to continuously learn how to be a leader under the supervision of the Youth Director and the advisors.  The elected Board members create programs, welcome and encourage others to join, and attend all events.  As each of the groups grades increase, the expectations and accomplishments grow, as well, i.e. implementing lounges to coordinating a full Shabbat weekend event.

It is with pleasure to have the honor of announcing our Temple Aliyah’s USY/KADIMA newly elected Board members for this upcoming year.  The wonderful and committed children and teens listed below will keep our chapter filled with exciting events, community service opportunities, and lounges for all of our members entering grades 4th through 12th.  Please contact us!  Get on our email list, on our Temple Aliyah USY FaceBook, and call the Youth Office to find out what fantastic and innovative programs are coming up.


Sarah Hartnig, Youth Director




Kadima 2015-2016 Leadership Board: (left to right)
Brooke Krishel: Sunshine Chair
Heather Montrose: Communications Vice President
Hayley Slohn: Membership and Kadima Vice President
Ya’ara Oren: Israel Affair Vice President
Carly Fisher: Kadima President
Ezra Schaffer: Pizza Chair
Branden Gerson: Religion and Education Vice President
Dylan Sacks: Executive Programming Vice President
Not Pictured: Eliana Turobiner (Vice President)

JR USY 2015-2016 Leadership Board (left to right)
Eliana Captol: Social Action/Tikkun Olam Vice President
Jonah Retin: Membership and Kadima Vice President
Spencer Sacks: President
Max Goldman: JR USY Advisor
Eliana Gorelick: Executive Programming Vice President
Lauren Krasilovsky: Israel Affairs Vice President
Not Pictured: Zevy Malmeth (Secretary/Historian)

SR USY 2015-2016 Leadership Board (left to right)
Ethan Taub: Communications Vice President
Lauren Gerson: Parliamentarian
Lauren Goldberg: Secretary/Historian
Kelly Gould: Social Action and Tikkun Olam Vice President
Ronit Sholkoff: Executive Programming Vice President
Syra Taub: Membership and Kadima Vice President
Talia Harnoy: Israel Affairs Vice President
Bradley Gerber: Religion and Education Vice President
Emily Ferro (SR USY Advisor)
Sarah Hartnig (Director of Youth and Teen Engagement)
Not pictured: Julia Harnoy (President)

Far West USY Regional Cabinet (left to right)
Brittany Sacks: Executive Programming Vice President for the Far West Region
Ben Shapiro: Communications Vice President for the Far West Region