OurSpace/B’Yachad Youth Group (Special Needs)

B’Yachad Youth Groups (Ages 7-18+ at Temple Aliyah and VBS)


B’Yachad (Together) Alef:
A monthly social group for Jewish children with special needs ages 6-8 and 9-12. This includes two hours of indoor and outdoor activities such as: cooking, arts, and experiences playing games with a partner or group that encourage socialization and connection with peers. (TA)

B’Yachad (Together) Bet:
A monthly social group for Jewish teens and young adults ages 14-18+ with special needs. Participants go on field trips throughout Los Angeles and enjoy visiting the Science Museum, LACMA, participating in community service, yoga sessions, sports, drum circles, Shabbat dinner, and going to Sky High. (VBS)

B’Yachad Alef: 7–11yrs (at Temple Aliyah)  |  B’Yachad Bet: 12–18+yrs (at Valley Beth Shalom)

For more information, please contact Susan North Gilboa at sngilboa@OurSpaceLA.org.