OurSpace Classes (Special Needs)

OurSpace programs are designed for families with children with special needs.  The program is built on our belief that every child is entitled to live a full Jewish life, experience Jewish learning, and celebrate holidays with friends and community.  OurSpace faculty utilizes creative teaching strategies to reach and educate children and young adults with a variety of learning strengths, abilities, and challenges.

OurSpace is a weekly class for students who thrive in a small classroom environment. These classes serve students with a range of learning and social challenges, including language and visual processing disorders, ADD/ADHD, and OCD.  These classes take place on Tuesday afternoons at Temple Aliyah.

  • Alef: 2nd – 4th grade
  • Bet:  5th – 7th grade

For a complete list of OurSpace programs offered, please visit www.ourspaceLA.org.