B’nai Mitzvah Wisdom (7th grade)

The seventh-grade year marks an important transition in our kids’ Jewish Journeys: in a few short months, they shift from children to young adults before our very eyes. It’s an important time to redefine relationships and set up for success for moving forward towards high school, college and beyond. It is our hope to develop and maintain close connections with our teens throughout their young adult experiences, starting with the seventh-grade year.


Presenting Temple Aliyah’s newest educational component for Seventh grade: B’nai Mitzvah Wisdom!

Over the course of the coming year we’ll learn all about Jewish values through television’s Boy Teen Meets World. We are so excited to pair on-screen experiences with off-screen teen topics like being a good friend, developing effective communication strategies in a social-media era, and more. We are so excited to learn about prime-time values together as a Jewish community!


How does it work?

Teens meet with Rabbinic Intern Jonathan Hodson and our Youth & Teen Engagement Director Sarah Kayne twice per month (on the first and the third Thursdays) from 6:15-7:45PM here at Temple Aliyah.


But we’re busy!

We know, and we’re listening. That’s why B’nai Mitzvah Wisdom only meets twice a month on the first and third Thursdays. Thursday sessions last for 90 minutes from 6:15-7:45PM with dinner and added fun with Sarah and Jonathan included.



We’re here to answer them! Please feel free to e-mail Sarah Kayne, at skayne@templealiyah.org.