Early Childhood Education / Preschool

earlychildhoodShalom and welcome to the Temple Aliyah Department of Early Childhood Education! Starting school is a momentous event for every child and their family. We provide a secure and loving place for growth and transition. We create a nurturing environment in a Jewish atmosphere of warmth and love where each child has the opportunity to grow, learn and develop at his own pace, and where he or she is always accepted for their unique self. The years between 1 and 6 are critical ones in the lives of all children. They are years of expanding horizons, developing abilities and concepts, growing awareness and special fears. Our school provides the tools, space, and support for the kinds of experience needed to cope with this period of rapid physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual growth. We welcome the opportunity of getting to know you and your children and helping you to nurture them, teach them and share in their growth. We extend to you a warm welcome to our school.

Parent and Me

Our Parent and Me Program

Our Parent and Me program is the place to learn, play and make new friends. The friendships you make start here, and will last a lifetime. Join our warm and caring community at Temple Aliyah for a fun and enjoyable morning with your child. Children are grouped by age with classes beginning at 4 months of age and continuing on through ages 24+ months. Read More »



Toddler (NEW for 18 – 24 months), Youngest, Intermediate and Pre-Kindergarten children grow learn and play at school while making friends. At our preschool, your child will enjoy a nurturing environment where parents are always welcome. Our program is designed to promote self expression, self awareness, creativity, sharing and cooperation, verbalization of feelings, conceptual development, readiness for learning, problem solving, independence, physical and social development, cultural awareness and a love of Judaism.
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Our Gesher/Kindergarten classroom will expose students to kindergarten standards and curriculum but at an individualized pace. Children have the opportunity to develop and grow at their own academic level…it’s a very hands-on experience! At the end of the year, students may either enter a traditional kindergarten program or advance to first grade. We focus and excel in preparing our students in reading readiness, math, science, language arts, and social studies as well as continuing our Jewish education program. Read More »

Camp Yofi

Camp Yofi

Join us for summer-time fun at Camp Yofi. Our calendar is full of exciting and fun-filled activities. Each day will spark your child’s imagination. Camp Yofi is dedicated to promoting laughter, fostering friendships and creating a sense of community. Your child will have a fun and rewarding summer at Camp Yofi. Blast off for fun and learning! Read More »

Young Family Programs

Young Family Programs

Time together can be elusive at best, and there are weeks when we are lucky we can squeeze in a family meal or two. It can be an even greater challenge to imbue that time with meaning and connection. And yet it is what we want…and we know how precious it is. Join us for these special programs, designed especially for young children and their families. They combine joy, fund, meaning and the chance to impart tradition while creating new ones. It is the best of family time. Read More »

For more information about any of our Early Childhood Education programs, please call Andrea Segall, ECE Director at (818) 346-1552

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