Mishloach Manot are gift baskets we gift to friends and family on Purim.  It’s one of the greatest mitzvahs we have for the holiday!


New pricing options for 2020:

Send to everyone: $360 (earlybird pricing has ended)
Your name will be included in the mishloach manot package that everyone receives, as well as in the Voice magazine and congregational email

Send to individuals: $18 each.
Your name will be included in a hand-crafted email sent directly to the recipient.

Purchase extras for personal use: $10 each
Want to deliver mishloach manot to friends and family outside the Aliyah community? We’re happy to provide them.  This option does not include print/email notifications or recognition.


All recipients will receive ONE basket, which can be picked up at Temple Aliyah at the Purim carnival (3/8), megillah reading (3/9), and days prior to and following Purim (to be determined).

IMPORTANT: While we love that you still want to give mishloach manot, if you’re giving to the entire congregation, it’s too late for us to include your name in the printed list of donors.  We will include your name in all upcoming digital lists and the Voice.

  • enter "anonymous" if you prefer to remain anonymous.
  • We know you want to... For just $360, send purim greetings to the entire congregation! Your name will be included with every package, be printed in the Voice magazine, and in emails to the congregation.
    Price: $360.00 Quantity:
  • Hand-pick the people you'd like to send greetings to. We'll send them a personal email to let them know you were thinking of them. INSTRUCTIONS: enter the number of members you'd like to send to, then enter their names and email addresses in the box below.
    Price: $18.00 Quantity:
  • If you selected to send to individuals (not to the entire congregation), enter their full names and email addresses below. If you do not know their emails, we will do our best to find them in our system, but cannot make any guarantees.
  • This year's mishloach manot are so adorable, you'll want to give them out to everyone! Enter the number of extras you'd like to pick up and distribute to friends and family. You will not receive print recognition with this option.
    Price: $10.00 Quantity:
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