Mindfulness Workshops

Dear friends,

We realize that many in our community are going through a very difficult time right now.  There are people who are losing their jobs, their savings, their sense of stability or worse; their health or the health of loved ones.   The sudden and drastic changes to our lifestyle and the sense of the “unknown” are most likely evoking feelings of stress, anxiety and significant fear.   We want you to know that these are very human and very understandable feelings to have and we assure you that most of us are experiencing these very same thoughts and emotions.  The concern is that we may not have all the tools and resources needed to process these difficult emotions in a healthy and healing fashion.  If anxiety and fear are left unprocessed, they can unfortunately become overwhelming and may even contribute to serious emotional and physical illness. We want to help prevent that by offering an informative and supportive  6-week program to focus on learning life skills for dealing with situations that are out of our control.  This class / support group, facilitated by Galina Shapiro, a certified mindfulness, compassion and positive psychology practitioner will offer the following resources and tools:

– Cultivating coping and resilience skills when facing difficult times

– Self-compassion practices to support self-healing

– Mindfulness tools to help us center and find equanimity during stress

– Navigating difficult thoughts and emotions with grace and healing

– Critical inner resources required for growing and flourishing through crisis

– Creating Your Own Hero’s Journey

This class will be offered online, via Zoom, on Tue and Thur at 2:00 – 3:00, March 24 – May 7. All you need is your phone, your tablet or your computer. 

Please follow these login instructions:

1. Click here to download the zoom software to your phone, ipad or computer. you only need to do this once.  If you already have Zoom installed on your device, skip to the next step.

2. After downloading the app, click here to open the session (or enter meeting code 400 207 778)


the following class is tentatively scheduled to begin May 6th.  We will update with more details as the class nears.


Mindfulness Course

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