Please fill out the following form to send us your pictures and messages of friendship, which we’ll add to our courtyard display as soon as possible.

  • We can't promise that we will use every message, and we might need to edit it a little bit, but please share a brief (150 characters or less) message about your Aliyah friends. You may use first names if you'd like.
  • Please select one or more pictures to post on our wall of friendship. Ideally, these will include you (or your child) with a friend or group of friends from Aliyah. Currently, you may upload up to 3 files. Depending on how large of a response, we may allow additional photo uploads in the future.
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    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf.
    • We are asking for a donation of $18 per picture/message, but you may enter any amount, including 0. This money will offset the cost of the project, with the remainder going toward our scholarship fund, so that regardless of finances, everyone will be able to join our circle of friends. Any amount that you can contribute is appreciated, is tax deductible, and will be applied toward your MY Aliyah campaign total. If you choose not to make a donation, you can leave the credit card and address fields blank.
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