55+ Screening: No Place on Earth (off site – Open to Everyone 13+)


Date(s) : 04/14/2013
Time(s): 3:15 pm - 6:00 pm

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55+ Event

A Story You Have Not Heard Before!

Sunday, April 14th 3:20pm Matinee

Encino Laemmle Town Center 5 Theater

17200 Ventura Blvd #121, Encino, CA 91316 

In October 1942, Esther Stermer, the matriarch of a Jewish family in the Ukraine, leads her family underground to hide from the pursuing Nazis. Living almost 18 months in near-total darkness deep within two cold, damp caves, theirs is a harrowing story like no story ever told. It is an incredible story of strength and survival against all odds in a place . . . like NO PLACE ON EARTH.

With no place on earth left to go, 38 Jews from 5 families secretly slide down a muddy hole in the ground into an undiscovered cave system, a 77-mile labyrinth that becomes their dark refuge below the even darker Holocaust raging above. They survive on their own wits and will, the boys and men putting their lives on the line every time they sneak out at night to gather supplies. Inside the women and girls never leave the cave, living underground, longer than anyone in recorded history.

It started in 1993 when Chris Nicola helping map Ukraine’s “gypsum giants,” some of the longest horizontalcaves in the world came across the old and unexplainable objects. Locals told him that there were vague rumors of Jewish families hiding from the Nazis in caves during World War II. Impossible he thought, but a bit in awe and obsessed, after nine years searching for answers, Nicola receives an unexpected email that let him uncover the cave’s secret.

 “ASTONISHING. Let those who think they’ve heard every inspiring tale of Holocaust survival see this film.”

– John Defore, The Hollywood Reporter.

“GRIPPING AND MOVING.  A substantial contribution to Holocaust cinema.”

– John Anderson, Variety

Includes a Q & A after the movie with  

Producer Rafi Marmor

 PG-13 so bring your underage (less than 55) family & friends

$8 per person

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For questions, click here for Mark Shear


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Encino Leammle Town Center 5 Theater