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Why We Walk for Darfur by team captain, Ellery Manes

Jewish World Watch’s Executive Director recently relayed that she often gets questioned by people …“you are still doing the walk for Darfur???” (Since the first year the walk has expanded far beyond Darfur to include Congo, Myranmar, Syria and other regions of conflict). I also get asked at times, even by some in my own family…Why do we have to do this walk again? The truth is we should not have to walk. However, as long as entire peoples are threatened by genocide, we cannot just turn a blind eye to these great injustices, especially because of our own history.  We are reminded – “and they came for us.”

My Dad’s cousins from Bruhl, Germany were the only Holocaust survivors of our family from Bruhl and were trying to escape to America. Thankfully, they were able to get to Israel.  Hearing their experience made a lasting impact on me.

I am extremely proud of Jewish World Watch, its innovative programs, mission and accomplishments. What I find really rewarding is that JWW enables us to reach those suffering half-way across the world. When we put a solar cooker together, or make a backpack for children, we hear of the impact (or see videos) from JWW leaders and program participants who travel there. I feel part of something greater when I see how small actions have added up to improve the lives of those facing extreme hardship and possible genocide.

There are many Jewish organizations which defend against anti-semitism, engage in outreach, promote acceptance, and understanding of our history. These organizations are important. However, Jewish World Watch is unique. Very few Jewish organizations focus on the plight of non-Jews facing potential genocide all around the world. 

Will you walk with us on April 19th?  There will be a new format this year with carnival like activities and food vendors as well as walk which is under 2 miles.  You can even sign up as a virtual walker to show support!  Join us this year and perhaps next year we will not have to.  Click here to register for our team and/or show your support for JWW with a donation.

“Do not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor…”  (Leviticus  19:16)

Temple Aliyah is proud to be an active member of Jewish World Watch and our congregants participate in several actions and events.


Jewish World Watch (JWW) is a hands-on leader in the fight against genocide and mass atrocities, engaging individuals and communities to take local actions that produce powerful global results. Founded in 2004 by Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis and Janice Kamenir-Reznik as the Jewish response to the genocide in Darfur, it has grown from a collection of Southern California synagogues into a global coalition that includes schools, churches, individuals, communities and partner organizations that share a vision of a world without genocide. JWW bears witness to first-hand accounts in conflict regions, partners with on-the-ground organizations to develop high-impact projects that improve the lives of survivors and help build the foundation for a safer world, and inspires our communities to support tangible projects and advocate for political change. JWW has raised more than five million dollars for relief and development projects that impact tens of thousands of people in Sudan and Congo.

To learn more about Jewish World Watch or to donate, visit http://www.jewishworldwatch.org/.