Community Outreach / Community of Caring

“It is not what one says, but rather what one does, that makes a difference.”  (Pirkei Avot, Ethics of Our Ancestors)

The Community Outreach Committee facilitates programs which encourage and enable members of Temple Aliyah to become involved in the community at large at the local, regional, national and international levels. The Community Outreach Committee fosters collaborative relationships with other groups and organizations towards the above ends. The committee is responsible for programming Mitzvah Day as well as monthly activities and collections which benefit those in need. The committee oversees the Community of Caring program, Jewish World Watch activities, interfaith programs and other programs which speak to the mission of Community Outreach.

Community of Caring

Temple Aliyah’s Community of Caring is committed to offering support and caring to our congregants and their loved ones. The Community of Caring Committee meets regularly to create and maintain volunteer teams which reach out to those in the Aliyah family who are in need of support and to those celebrating happy occasions as well.

Community Outreach / Social Action

The Community Outreach Committee plans and runs social action programs and collections, often partnering with local organizations to make a difference in people’s lives.

Inter-Faith Activities

Temple Aliyah is proud to partner with St. Bernardine of Siena Catholic Church and the Mohammedi Center to offer our communities opportunities to engage in dialogue, learning and social justice projects with one another.

Congregants in Need

With a strict sense of the importance of confidentiality, Temple Aliyah provides communal resources and matches congregants with specific needs with others in the community and congregation who have the expertise to help with those needs. We now offer emotional support, legal and vocational resources through the Ezra Network.

Jewish World Watch

Temple Aliyah is proud to be an active member of Jewish World Watch (an organization dedicated to bringing an end to genocide in the world) and our congregants participate in activities and events throughout the year.

Mitzvah Day

Join us for this meaningful day of action – detailed information will be in the Pulse Electronic newsletter and Voice Magazine.


A list of the programs that happen throughout the year.