Forgiveness: The Path of a Repentant Life – 2018 Rosh Hashanah Sermon

INTRODUCTION             We live in an era in which people are being accused of crimes, indiscretions, harassment and even inappropriate social media posts that actually occurred years ago.  The MeToo movement is a reminder that there is no statute of limitations for accountability.  Sometimes it takes a seismic social shift for us to acknowledge and […]

The Big Questions – 2018 Yom Kippur Sermon

INTRODUCTION             Towards the end of every school year I am invited into our Pre-K classes to answer their questions about God.  These are the questions that teachers and parents shy away from when asked by a 5-year-old.  The typical questions are: “Is God a boy or a girl?”, “Does God live in heaven?”, “Does […]

The Seder As a Jewish National Mall

I love walking around the National Mall in Washington, DC. When visiting the monuments and memorials of great leaders like Jefferson, Lincoln, F.D.R. and King, you can read their words that inspired a nation. Whether the Gettysburg Address or a quote from the “I Have a Dream” speech, we can experience the words that helped […]

Mordecai and joseph: Jewish leaders who save their countries

The question of what it means to “save” the Jewish people can have different implications.  For some it is about the observance of mitzvot as a way of preserving the Jewish message.  For others, it is providing financial support to Jewish causes that secure the future for the Jewish people.  For some, it is engaging […]

What kind of jew you are will most likely determine whether you pass on Jewish identity to the next generation

There are many expressions of Jewish identity that have helped sustain Jewish identity in America for the last century, including: The Holocaust as an imperative for Jewish survival Jews are a people as expressed through organizations like, B’nai Brith and JCCs Jewish life (including religious and social expressions) shared in the family context and institutions […]

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