The Big Questions

Join Temple Aliyah as we challenge ourselves to think critically in 5779 and explore the BIG QUESTIONS.

How can we answer Judaism’s and life’s BIG QUESTIONS in a few brief discussions? Answer: We can’t and won’t.  Each month we’ll dive into a different question with the hope of opening our minds and continuing the conversation with family and friends.  All sessions are open to the public, so please invite others!



Classes begin at 7:30pm following minyan.

October 17th –  Rabbinic Panel on Believing, Behaving and Belonging [watch recording]

November 28th – Is there an afterlife? [watch recording]

December 19th – What is the soul? [watch recording]

January 16th – Can you not believe in God and still be Jewish? [watch recording]

February 20th – What does it mean to live a good life? [watch recording]

April 17th –  Can you be a bad person and still be a good Jew? [watch recording]

May 15th –  Sex, Drugs, and Rock N’ Roll: Is anything off limits?

The Little Book of Big Questions

If you didn’t get one at the High Holy Days, stop by the office to pick up your free Little Book of Big Questions journal from the synagogue office.  Use it to take notes during classes and jot down your own big questions.

By the end of the year, our goal is that you will have a small but powerful booklet of questions and prompts for future thought.


The discussion continues…

This is “a year of Big Questions” – not just a course… Look for programs by TNC, Cinema Club, Shabbat and Holiday Services and other opportunities to discuss Big Questions and fill in more pages of your journal!