Your vibe attracts your tribe!

Big or small, the things you do make a difference and inspired people! Let’s celebrate everything our community is doing to make the world a little bit better.

Thank you for Being The Light!

In October 2018 we launched a program designed to highlight the good that exists all around us. The goal was simple – inspire the people around you by being you.

On January 20, 2019, “Be The Light” came to a conclusion at a celebration of unity and friendship with more than 500 community members from a dozen spiritual organizations around Los Angeles.

Over 90 days nearly 50 people of all ages, and for all reasons, have been nominated as “The Light”.

We’ve celebrated Thanksgiving and Hanukkah with special activities, messages and connections.

“Be The Light” has generated thousands of likes, shares, comments and loves on social media.

The concept and spirit of “Be The Light” has been echoed by religious leaders and teachers across the country.

13 “Be The Light” displays have been filled with nearly 700 examples of how we are already being “The Light”

And each day, our preschool & religious school students, as well as countless visitors, walk our front steps and are reminded of how easy it is to inspire others through our actions.

The “Be The Light” project might have come to a close, but that doesn’t mean you should stop being the light. Keep looking out for the good all around us, and keep being the source of goodness. Keep sharing uplifting stories. Keep doing the “kodesh moments”, even if no one is watching. And above all, keep giving us the gift of you.