Choirs & Bands

Rabbi Nachman of Bretzlov said that the “main cure is through melody and joy.” That is the driving principle behind the joyous music that fills the halls of Temple Aliyah. Music heals, music inspires, music is prayer that reaches the heavens. We have formed a klezmer band, a youth choir, a teen choir, an adult choir, a choir for youth with special needs and a young cantors group — all members of our synagogue and local community. We are all about participation, whether as part of a group, or a congregant praying in the pews. Rabbi Nachman goes on to say that “music will make you happy … and send joy in to your soul.” Join us in song at Temple Aliyah and bring music in to your life.
Shir Aliyah: Song of Aliyah Youth Choir (Grades 3-7)
Open to students from grades 3-7, this choir brings singing and Jewish learning to a new level.  Our children are inspired for the rest of their lives, by the music, the fun and the success of performing in front of parents, peers and community.  All children with a desire to sing are welcome.  The choir performs at Friday night Family Services, Senior homes and community wide events.  Click Here for the Choir Agreement Form.
Kol Simcha Advanced Youth Choir (Grades 6-10)
This choir is open to 6th – 10th graders who show an advanced aptitude for singing.  Members must audition or be asked by the choir director to join.  Kol Simcha sings at first Friday night services, at senior homes and concerts.
Kolot Tikva/Voices of Hope Special Needs Choir (Choir for Children, Teens and Adults with Special Needs)
Kolot Tikva/Voices of Hope Choir, under the direction of Temple Aliyah’s Hazzan Mike Stein, is a choir for children, teens and adults with special needs. The participants learn and sing songs in both Hebrew and English for the pure joy of singing. While music helps to improve speech and language, the Kolot Tikva Choir gives its participants a space to raise their voices in song embracing and celebrating their strengths and abilities. This program is crafted in a way that allows members to learn and perform music that uses all of their potential.  It is open to all who apply.
Mizmor Shir Adult Choir
This highly polished group sings beautiful arrangements of Jewish music from Lewandowski to Debbie Friedman, as well as original pieces.  Prominently featured at the High Holy Days, the group also sings at some Friday night services, Senior Homes and community events.  Membership is open to all who demonstrate ability to sing with a choir.
Shir Delight Klezmer Band
Utilizing instruments associated with Eastern European based klezmer music including clarinet, violin, mandolin, accordion and bass, this group performs every other fourth Friday night of the month and at Senior homes and other community events.  Membership is open to all who demonstrate ability to play their instrument.
Hazzanim In Training
Interested in learning to chant like a Hazzan? Contact Hazzan Mike Stein at