Temple Aliyah


Our lay leadership is supported by a wonderful full-time professional staff, under the leadership of our highly experienced Executive Director David Brook, with over 30 years of synagogue experience and who is complemented by a leadership, administrative, accounting and maintenance staff whose many talents include a rare warmth and interaction with our congregational families.

Position Name Direct Extension E-Mail Address
Rabbi Stewart L. Vogel 101 rabbivogel@templealiyah.org
Rabbi Rachel Bovitz 130 rabbibovitz@templealiyah.org
Hazzan Mike Stein 105 hazzanstein@templealiyah.org
Hazzan Mimi Haselkorn 108 hazzanmimi@templealiyah.org
Executive Director David Brook 106 dbrook@templealiyah.org
ECE Director Andrea Segall 103 andreas@templealiyah.org
Religious School Director Rabbi Adam Schaffer 110 rabbiadam@templealiyah.org
Education Curriculum Director Betty Brasky Tochner 135 btochner@templealiyah.org
Youth Director Sarah Hartnig 116 shartnig@templealiyah.org
Community Caring Director Jeff Bernhardt 239 jeffb@templealiyah.org
Program Director Lori Marx-Rubiner 132 lorim@templealiyah.org
Communications Director Matthew Weintraub 241 mweintraub@templealiyah.org
Membership Engagement Director Sheri Gerrman 240 sgerrman@templealiyah.org
Accounting Sue Benco 111 sueb@templealiyah.org
Accounting Lauretta Michaud 112 lmichaud@templealiyah.org
Parent & Me Coordinator Cheryl Cohen 102
ECE Administrative Assistant Monique Levy 104 mlevy@templealiyah.org
Administrative Assistant to Rabbi Vogel & Hazzan Stein Anna Williman 115 awilliman@templealiyah.org
Administrative Assistant to Rabbi Oren & Hazzan Haselkorn Ivee Horland 143 ihorland@templealiyah.org
Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director Yvette Ciaramilaro 109 yvette@templealiyah.org
Religious School Administrative Assistant Melanie Levine 107 mlevine@templealiyah.org
Administrative Assistant to Communications, Community Outreach & Programs Lisa Leib 147 lleib@templealiyah.org
Scrip Administrator Rosalie Shadovitz 240 rosalies@templealiyah.org
Building and Land Supervisor Carlos Venegas 145 carlosv@templealiyah.org
Administrative Assistant/Receptionist Judy Solomon 100 jsolomon@templealiyah.org
Gift Shop 113
Our Space / Special Needs Programs Susan North Gilboa (818) 346-3545 sngilboa@vbs.org
Starlite Catering (818) 789-7588 info@starlitecaterers.com