Board of Directors

Temple Aliyah: Built on a Foundation of Lay Leadership

Any organization is only as strong as its leadership. Temple Aliyah is fortunate to have superb lay leadership, men and women who work as hard for the Temple as they do at their chosen occupations. Working via a variety of committees, our Board of Directors plan and organize various programs and activities ensuring the Temple has direction and focus. The Members of the Board of Directors are elected once a year, and all Temple members are welcome to apply for Board positions. The Executive Committee administers Board activities.

It’s very easy to begin your participation in synagogue leadership — select a committee that interests you and just attend the next meeting. You will be more than welcome!

The following congregants have been elected to the Temple Aliyah Board for 2014-15:

2014-2015 Temple Aliyah Board of Directors
David Samuels
(term continues through 2015)
Executive Vice President
Rick Shumacher
(term continues through 2015)
Seth Krasilovsky
(term continues through 2015)
Committee V.P. Director Director
Administration Jeff Davine
(term continues through 2016)
Richard Sussman Jeremy Sunderland
Building & Land Sina Razban-Nia
(term continues through 2016)
Elliot Malet Don Schuster
Community Outreach Michelle Gerson
(term continues through 2015)
Diana Turk Michael Projansky
Education Liz Silverman
(term continues through 2015)
Ronnie Retin
Gifts & Endowments
Membership Jeff Solny
(term continues through 2015)
Diane Braverman
Programs & Activities Alayne Shapiro
(term continues to 2015)
Mike Katz
Ritual Sean Luner
(term continues through 2015)
Marvin Klein Sheryl Shatz
Special Events David Cohan
(term continues through 2016)
Tina Orkin
Treasurer/Finance Eric Varnen
(term continues through 2015)
Debbie Strom
Youth Jerry Ross
(term continues through 2015)
Brenda Captol
Immediate Past President Judy Fischer
Women of Aliyah President Julie Davine
Men’s Club President Ben Aminnia