Temple Aliyah

About Us

Temple Aliyah Is:

Everyone’s unique.  Yet no matter where you are in your life, you can experience Jewish life to its fullest with Temple Aliyah.

Some look to a synagogue for inspiring messages from the Rabbis. Others want songful prayers from the Hazzanim and Cantors. Still others simply want to be part of a social congregation and participate in programs that exemplify Jewish living. At Temple Aliyah, you’ll find exactly what you want — in a home for long-term spiritual growth that celebrates every step of the journey.

For children, Temple Aliyah is a place to flourish and find their Jewish identity. For adults, it’s a place to gather, worship and socialize with others who share similar beliefs and values. For grandparents and other family members, it’s a place to share holidays and celebratory events that create strong memories and even stronger ties.

Temple Aliyah is more than a synagogue, religious school, pre-school — it is a community. We’re a caring community of people — each unique like you — looking to grow and share the Jewish journey together.

At Temple Aliyah, your family is our most important concern. Whether yours is a traditional or non-traditional household, a single parent home, a blended family, an intermarried family, or have a family member with special needs, there are programs designed for you.