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Religious School (k-10)

Religious School (Grades K-6)

The Sevran Family Center for Judaic Studies

Students come to Temple Aliyah to learn. They leave each day loving who they are and what they have learned.

From Kindergarten-2nd grade, students come once a week (Wednesday or Thursday from 4:00-6:15).  They learn the building blocks for Hebrew language study through hands-on activities that engage all of their senses.  A day in the class might include holiday celebrations, prayer, stories, music, crafts, and dance.

Starting in 3rd grade, students come twice a week (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday from 4:00-6:15).  They deepen their study of Hebrew so that they will be able use the language to participate fully in prayer, song, and synagogue life.  When they are not studying language explicitly, students are engaged in a variety of subjects that help them develop a deeper connection to God, Torah, and Israel.