Community Outreach/
Community of Caring

Congregants in Need (CHAI Program)

The CHAI (Congregational Help and Information) Program was created in response to the recent recession.  Most of us have been impacted by the economic recession and most of us know people who have been.  Because so many people have been impacted in major ways (eg. lost their jobs, the threat of losing their homes, unable to pay bills) Temple Aliyah made a commitment to reach out.  With a strict sense of the importance of confidentiality, the CHAI program provides communal resources and matches congregants with specific needs with others in the congregation who have the expertise to help with those needs.  The CHAI program, administered by Jeff Bernhardt, Community of Caring Director, also helps congregants who meet the criteria to apply for one-time only grants from the Jewish Federation.


Working with synagogues, The Ezra Network is an initiative of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles in partnership with Jewish Family Service, Bet Tzedek Legal Services and Jewish Vocational Service.  The Ezra Network is funded by the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles and the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles.

We all need help sometimes – The Ezra Network is now here to help.

If you’re facing economic problems or living with the challenge of helping an aging parent or a teen in trouble, you’re not alone.  Now, here at our synagogue, you can get help with financial assistance and government program eligibility, access to one-on-one sessions with a social worker, legal counselor or job counselor, as well as referrals for other services and information about upcoming workshops.  It’s all there for you – in private – and it’s free.

Contact one of our Ezra Network professionals today:

Social Worker:  Elenna King,, 818-854-9760

Job Counselor:  Stuart Fried,  323-761-8888  ext 8998

Legal Counselor:  Emily Carr,  323-549-5827            .

For maps, directions, and a listing of other resources available in the community, please visit


For more information about resources or to volunteer your help you can contact Jeff Bernhardt at (818) 346-3545 or